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Good to Meet You


A Wife – to a very loving, patient, funny guy named Jeremy who I’m lucky enough to have by my side in all of our adventures AND photographing with me at almost all of the weddings.

A Mother – we have two amazing little girls who we love to the moon and back, who keep us on our toes, and who always make us smile and laugh!

A Photographer – I love being able to capture photos of people and moments so they can never be forgotten.

A Morning person – I don’t even drink caffeine!



My family-  it’s what I live and work so hard for.

Being outside - hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking.  Sunshine makes me happy!

Soccer – I’ve played my whole life and it has helped shape the person I am today.

The #9 - It’s my lucky number and my soccer number since I was 9 years old.

Smiley faces - how can you not smile when you see one!

Fall – the foliage, the crisp cool air, apple picking and Thanksgiving…need I say more?


Things you may not know about me…

Graduated from and played soccer at Marist College – Go Red Foxes!

I’ve sky-dived twice - The feeling of free-falling is indescribable!

Lived in Colorado - While it was only for a year, it was one of the best years, full of many fun adventures.

Ran a Marathon - The Rock-and-Roll Marathon in San Diego :)

Love Passionately, Adventure Often

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